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Strictly Make-Up

9 May

Now, whilst this isn’t about work/reporting, this post will demonstrate my one-off moonlighting as a beauty blogger.

I feel that I must share with you some key new products on the market  and cheaper alternatives to well-known brands as its unfair to keep this to myself.

First up – Barry M Nail Effects. This amazing black  nail varnish goes on top of another colour and then as it dries, it starts to crack creating what a colleague thought was actually Minx nails. For £3.99 you can have this effect. One word of advice – it doesn’t really work with dark colours underneath so wear it with on-trend pastel colours. There is also a pale pink version so try a dark colour underneath, paint this on and watch magic happen!

Take advantage of Boots’ offer of 3 for 2 on all cosmetics at the moment as the next two products were within it. As a fan of eyeliner, I wanted to try out the new  eyeliner by Maybelline – Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner – which is said to last for 24 hours. It comes in a handy tub and includes a professional brush. It took me a few goes to get it right as you only need a very thin amount on the brush but this is dependent on what look you want to achieve. Now I have glorious feline eyes! Perfect for day or night.

Next up is again, another product by Maybelline. Now I don’t know about you but I love trying out new products, and in particular, new mascaras. I’ve tried most of the brands but L’oreal’s Volume Million Lashes is by far the best for my light, short eyelashes. It lengthens and volumises and gives the effect of false eyelashes. Maybelline’s The One by One Volum’ Express mascara with 300 bristles  does just what L’oreal’s does and goes on beautifully. Immediately you can see the effects and have glamour puss babydoll eyes in an instant with this and the eyeliner.

Moving on to the cheaper end of the market and how the Northeners put us to shame. When I’ve visited friends up North I’ve found a number of products which are cheaper versions of more high-end brands. First up is Double Act by W7 for £.299, a version of  Benefit’s 10 blusher and bronzer which I found on a make-up stall in Barnsley’s Alhambra shopping centre, as well as a copy of their High Beam for £1.99 marketed as High Lights by Technic and available from Bodycare. The latter item is perfect for highlighting the brow bone, cheeks and cupid’s bow and gives you a gorgeous sheen. Both do exactly what their more expensive counterparts do and I am hugely impressed by them, but sadly,I’ve yet to see these in the South.

Finally, my must-have product which, again, only seems to be available up North, namely Barnsley and Leeds, is St Moriz – an instant self-tan brand. A snip at £3.99-4.99 depending if you want a mousse or spray. Like the name suggests, its a copy of St Tropez. If you’re unsure about it, start on a base tan or build up a colour with a self-tanning moisturiser as it comes out quite dark when you spray it on. At least you can see where its going though to stop those tell-tale streak signs – trust me, I’ve had them! Also, use a mitt as it stains hard and I should know – I’ve had the tangoed hands. The good thing with this is that is gives you a deep glow and not that orange look that I often see girls showing off.

Most of the cheaper brands you should be able to find on the Internet, and if you do find them in the Southern region, namely Hampshire, let me know. It saves a bulging suitcase and bulk buying every time I visit the North!