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Olympic Fever

14 Sep

The London 2012 Games. What did they mean to you? For me, they snuck up and went before I realised. It’s hard to believe it has all just ended when it was announced 7 years ago.

Whilst the nation was celebrating, we were all unaware of how tragic the next day’s events would be after the jubilation. Up until I watched a documentary about 7/7, earlier this year, I had no idea that London was announced as the host of the 2012 Games the night before. In a cruel twist of fate, or what one survivor has said was meant to be, Martine Wright is an inspiration. She was out celebrating and got a later train the next day. The unimaginable happened with many people’s lives changing forever.

It wasn’t until the end of the documentary that I realised Martine was a double amputee. She has shown strength and has turned what some people would see as a nightmare into new beginning. She represented Great Britain in seated volleyball.

Many other Paralympic athletes competed with a variety of stories, although why they weren’t equally represented in the coverage is a travesty. I’m sure there are many reasons to do with advertising that Channel 4 could not avoid showing it. In my opinion it should have had the same presence on BBC One as the Olympics did. By having interrupted coverage, it appeared to me it was classed as second best. I’m sure that more people would have watched it had it been on BBC One. The adverts meant viewers missed key results and even the proud moment of seeing every country walk out.

However, this must not detract away from the fact that despite this, we put on a bloody good show! We showed how amazing our country is and what better way to encourage tourism than to show iconic locations in the events. I have never seen this country so patriotic and also as patriotic to other successful athletes from around the world. I was on the edge of my seat screaming at the telly for Mo to win and bouncing up and down on the sofa as he ran as I’m sure millions others were. The same can be said for the sheer fascination of watching Usain Bolt.

I know for a fact that the Games has definitely inspired me. This coupled with completing the 5k Great South Run and watching the main race last year. Seeing the crowds cheering for people they didn’t know was hugely motivating. Having caught the Olympic Fever I now can’t wait for the Great South Run, where this year, I’ll be one of the runners in the main event. It will be my turn to hear strangers I’ve never met cheering for me and keeping me going. I’m also doing this for personal reasons so if you see me in a British Heart Foundation vest, then show your support. I’m not aiming for a time – just to be able to run the whole race.