May Madness

16 Jun

What a rollercoaster of a month it has been. Everyone has one month in the year which is awash with birthdays and special dates and May is mine, but this one has been and gone in a whirlwind. Not only is my birthday in May, but its also when my granddad’s and two friend’s birthdays are as well as my grandparents’ wedding anniversary. Add on to that a wedding, where I was Maid of Honour and a hen do in Bournemouth and you get the picture.

Starting off with the wedding of my best friend, Kate. The day was truly gorgeous with the ceremony held at the beautiful Wentworth Church in Rotheram. The Bridesmaids walked down the aisle first, which in itself is probably one of the most-nerve wracking things I’ve done, god only knows how Kate felt, before made her rather speedy, blink and you’ll miss her, entrance. One of my favourite parts was when they sat down in front of us to hear a reading and her husband to be asked me if I was alright! I could have had a full blown conversation but thought it would be a little inappropriate.

Seeing two people who mean so much to you celebrate their love for each other is one of the greatest things in life. They laughed, they cried and I’m sure Jake walked away with a few red marks from Kate’s concrete grip!

We then went to the Millenium Gardens in Sheffield where, true to Kate, was decorated in pink. I also had the privilege of reading a speech, which I was informed, was the best of the night – WIN. I revealed that Jake had asked what I think Kate would say if he proposed and had to keep it a secret for over two months. That’s a feat in itself when we talk to each other on an almost daily basis. It transpired that Kate didn’t know I knew this that far in advance.

After that came Kerrie’s hen do which had a nautical theme as she is marrying a sailor at the end of June. A night in Bournemouth followed a day of Zorbing, which if you haven’t tried harness-style, is well worth a go. Warning – not suitable for people who don’t like getting dizzy or are sick on theme park rides. We then dressed up in varying interpretations of sailor-style before hitting the town and heading to Hawaiian-themed club,

After a poor effort to not stay out past 1.30am, the same can’t be said for the hen, who to be fair, actually made it down to breakfast, although she sat there in her sunglasses the whole time!

Finally, the whirlwind, for May that is, ended in what was the best event of the month – my birthday. Yes, I know, I’m biased, but hey, it’s only once you can say you’re a quarter of a century! And no, the quarter-life crisis has not hit me yet.

After spending many a birthday in either Northampton (where I grew up) and Portsmouth (where I currently live) I wanted to go somewhere different. I’d had lots of nights out in London, Brighton and Bournemouth and it wasn’t until I went on a random (literally) trip to Cardiff that I decided that is where I would celebrate.

Cardiff has it all; amazing nightlife, fantastic shops, restaurants, bars and the hotels and train station are no more than 5 minutes apart. I have to recommend The rooms are stunning and you won’t ever want to leave the bathroom once you are under the power shower. It comes with Dove and Lux hand and body wash so your body is treated luxuriously before you head out.

Having said that, the shower waited until later as we had to get the party started early. Trains are direct from Portsmouth and with a rail card and advanced booking, it cost me just £15 to get there and back. Also, triple rooms are available at the hotel so my total came to the pricely sum of £45 – you can see another reason why Cardiff was the perfect destination to celebrate.

We arrived at 4pm and headed straight out to enjoy the blazing sun (this was the last hot weekend we had which now seems like a distant memory). Directly in front of the hotel is Mill Lane, where cocktails bars such as and can be found. Soda was where we spent the afternoon and was probably the reason we didn’t exactly party as hard as we would have liked to in the evening.

Using the power of Twitter, I managed to blag free entry, even though we were shepherded straight up to pay until I piped up and ended up meeting the face behind their Twitter, who remembered me as the girl from Portsmouth – another win.

Most of the night was spent people watching, laughing at the townies trying to show off their money with Moet. Think waxed eyebrows and flexed muscles when holding their drinks and lots of dodgy dancing.

And with that thought, I’ll end the madness that has been May.



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  1. shadowcombat June 22, 2012 at 6:56 pm #

    Nice use of twitter! 😀

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